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10:00 - 10:25 The Dawn of a New Era: The Future of Blockchain Keynote

David Moss (EOS)

10:25 - 10:50 Fireside Chat with Kavita Gupta of ConsenSys

Moderator: Veronica Reynolds

Kavita Gupta (Consensys)

10:50 - 11:30 Refugees, Unbanked, and Undocumented: Bringing Humanity to the Blockchain

Moderator: Bhagwan Chowdhry (FAB)

Michael Trainer (Global Poverty Project)

11:30 - 12:10 Post-2008: How Blockchain in Real Estate Can Prevent the Next Economic Meltdown

Moderator - Heidi Pease

Piper Moretti (CryptoRealtyGroup)

Chris Eberle (SwarmFund)

Lloyd Huang, SmartRE Inc.

12:15 - 1:30: Lunch & Workshop by Josh Joy Workshop

12:15 - 1:30 Coding Workshop

1:30 - 2:00pm Amanda B. Johnson Fireside Chat DASH Giveaway

Moderator: Lauren Glasses

2:00 - 2:40pm Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Autonomous Vehicles

Moderator: Jonathan Fairtlough - Kroll

Rajiv Phougat (IBM)

Michael Morgan (McDermott Will & Emery)

Grayson Brulte (Beverly Hills)

2:40 - 2:55 Grand Challenge Invitation

Dr. Jonathan Flint, UCLA: Grand Challenge PI (Depression)

3:00 - 3:35 How Blockchain Technology Can Help Improve the World's Health

Moderator: Ben Taylor (Ledgerdomain)

Amy Hurwitz (Boston Consulting Group)

Laure-Helene Caseau (Knomee) 

Varvara Russkova (GVA Capital)

3:45 - 4:15 Blockchain's Influence on the Development of Art and Culture

Moderator: David MacFadyen

Pablo Martins (ArtBit)

Matt McCullough (Rhovit)

Jason Robert (HelloSugoi)

Taryn Southern

4:15 - 4:20 - UCLA BLockchain Lab Announcement

Alex Nascimento (UCLA Blockchain Lab)

4:20 - 5:00 Finding the Balance Between Regulation & Innovation

Moderator: Amy Wan (Sagewise)

Greg Gilman (Science)

Adam Ettinger (Sheppard Mullin)

Kelsey Lemaster (Goodwin Procter)

Steven Masur (Masur Griffitts)

5:00 - 5:40 Shifting Strategies in 2018: How Legitimate Projects Can Succeed

Moderator: Alex Nascimento (7Capital)

Howard Marks (StartEngine)

David Siemer (Wavemaker)

Dustin Boyer (DNA / DARPA)

Enzo Villani (Transform Group)

Tatiana Koffman (Venture Advisor @ DNA)



10:00 - 10:25 Making the Blockchain Real: An Opportunity for All

Sandra Ro (UWIN)

10:25 - 10:50 Fireside Chat with Kathleen Breitman

Moderator: Veronica Reynolds

Kathleen Breitman (Tezos)

10:50 - 11:30 Blockchain, the Next Disruptor for the Music Industry

Moderator: Les Borsai - Music Manager

Matt Sorum (Guns & Roses)

Angela Abshier, Blockchain Strategist

Michael George, Manager, SB Projects

11:30 - 12:10 Beyond Crypto: The Case for Blockchain in Financial Services

Moderator: Lou Kerner (CryptoOracle)

12:15 - 1:30 - Women in Blockchain Meetup

Sheri Kaiserman (Macola)

Abder Boukour (Farmer's Insurance)

Rick Porter (BCG Digital Ventures)

Ninou Sarwono (Capital Group)

1:30 - 2:00 pm Hyperledger Fireside Chat

Nicholas Porter & Hunter Gebron

2:00 - 2:40 From the Developer POV Panel

Moderator: Anthony Humay

Steve Beauregard (Bloq)

Miguel Morales (KR8OS)

Jeff McDonald (NEM)

Bhaskar Krishnamachari (USC)

2:40 - 2:55 Elizabeth Rosiello. Interactive Video

3:00 - 3:35 Government Adoption of Blockchain Around the World

Moderator: Rahilla Zafar (Consensys)

Brian Forde (Congressional Candidate)

Robert Hertzberg (CA Senate)

Gavin Hartnett (Rand)

3:35 - 4:15 The Unique Position of a SoCal Blockchain Entrepreneur

Moderator: Eric Chung (DApperNetwork)

Mahbod Moghadam (Everipedia)

Ken Brook (MetaX)

Ryan Hanisco (Magenic)

Jason Robert (HelloSugoi)

4:20 - 5:00  Women in Blockchain Panel

Moderator: Heidi Pease

Kelley Weaver (Melrose PR)

Emily Weil (Spire)

Susan Oh (UN and MuckrMedia)

5:00 - 5:40 To the Moon and Beyond: An Interview with Space Pioneers

Tom Soderstrom

Arun Viswanathan

Chris Mattmann

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2. food on campus

A more detailed guide to on-campus eating



Between February 20 and 22, Hyperledger will be hosting an inclusive, educationally rigorous hackathon on UCLA campus.

Location: Covel Commons

The Hyperledger hackfest open to the technical community and will take place in in Los Angeles, CA on February 20-22. Please note that we are adding a “Day 0” to the Hackfest that will be focused on helping developers that are new to Hyperledger come up the learning curve.

February 20th — Hyperledger Technical Intro

February 21st & 22nd — Hackfest

Register here: